Advancements Allow For Painless Dental Treatments

Advancements in dental science have come a long way over the years, allowing patients to receive the dental treatments they need, without the pain. Pain is one of the reasons many patients shy away from receiving the dental care they need. Thankfully, there is now sedation dentistry which ensures patients will feel no pain during their procedure or immediately after. This gives patients the confidence they need so they can seek dental care.

Many patients feel high levels of anxiety when it comes to seeking dental care. According to data provided by Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, 30 to 40 million people avoid the dentist each year because of their dental anxiety. This is why great measures have been taken to ensure patients’ experiences are more relaxing and pain-free. Through great research, sedation dentistry was created. There are a few types of sedation techniques that can be utilized by the dentist:

  • Oral sedatives are commonly used because they cause few side-effects and do not involve the use of needles or IVs. The patient simply swallows a small pill about an hour before their procedure. This pill makes them drowsy and calms their nerves. Although some patients fall asleep due to the pill, it does not create a full sedation experience but is enough to allow anxious patients to receive dental care without overwhelming fear.
  • Nitrous Oxide, which is commonly referred to as laughing gas, is another option in sedation dentistry. This gas is inhaled by the patient and is odorless and colorless. Its effects are immediate and it can be easily controlled by the dentist to ensure a patient receives the right level of anesthesiological effect. This gas can cause marked drowsiness and a relaxed state of mind.
  • IV sedation offers the deepest level of sedation because the drugs are administered via an IV. The effects are immediate and patients fall asleep, rarely remembering any part of the procedure. This type of sedation is primarily used for those with high levels of dental anxiety or during major dental work procedures.

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